AHAL Centre, Kilpennathur, (1999)


AHAL Centre
Santhaimedu, Tindivanam Road
Kilpennathur, Thiruvannamalai Dt – 604 601
+91 7812831938
ahalmaiyam@gmail.com / dir@censj.org


To ensure people with dignified, decent life and equal rights, to make them assertive and self-reliant.


• To provide equal opportunities to Dalits through quality education
• To inspire young minds to reach great heights in life
• To achieve immediate and lasting changes against discrimination and violence

Option Groups

Christian Arunthathiars and other marginalized groups.

Issues Addressed

1. Land Issues
2. Road Facilities
3. Water Facilities
4. Caste Issues
5. Unemployment
6. Toilet Facilities
7. Street Light Facilities
8. OAP
10. Community Certificate


Education –

  • Social education centres
  • Arrupe Boys Home
  • Scholarship programmes
  • Study skill development programmes

Monthly progrmmes

  • Study methodology – coaching and exam preparation programmes every 2 & 3thweek
  • Ahal Cultural group training every 4thweek

Annual Programmes

  • Pongal Celebration
  • Dalit women rights program celebrated on 8thMarch – Conference Meet around 1000 women participate
  • Aruthadiyar Nallam Sangam active 25 groups
  • Individual and Community civic aids