On Jan 30 and 31, the third SUPAM meet was held at PARAN Centre, Kadambur. On the first day, Fr. Baskar Antony, the SUPAM Director initiated us to the meet. The SUPAMites shared their insights, challenges, initiatives and theological and pastoral reflection in the context of the Synodal Church in their respective parishes. Fr. Mag Bay de Lawrence, the Vocation Promoter enhanced the meeting through his observations and reflections. He urged us to identify potential candidates for the SJ. In the afternoon, we visited Gundry parish and Fr. Peter, the Parish Priest shared his pastoral reflections. Then, we concelebrated the Holy Eucharist at St. Antony the Hermit Church, Makkampalayam. People welcomed us with their traditional music and solemn procession from the outskirts of the village. On the second day, Fr. Maria Felix Kennedy, Parish the Priest and PARAN Director during the Mass shared his experiences in the mission as a priest. We visited places of Satyamangalam, Kodiveri and Gobichettipalayam. Thanks to Frs. Baskar Antony, Maria Felix Kennedy and Udaya Prakash, a SUPAMite too for making the necessary arrangements for the meet.

Maria Albin Raja. A (MDU)