How Can You Associate With Us

Why donate?

Already in the 16th century, Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, regularly lived on alms and raised funds from benefactors to create colleges and keep education free and open to the poor. Even today, your support counts for the Society of Jesus in order to help it continue its actions in the service of the Church and of society.

Jorge Serrano sj, Treasurer and Fundraiser at the General Curia in Rome for over ten years, reminds us of the crucial role of donors:

“From the days when children sold lemonade to collect money for missions in China or India, where letters from missionaries were used to educate friends and parishioners, to contemporary mailing campaigns and online donations , people seeking to raise funds have always pursued the same objective: to put in the hands of the directors of works the resources allowing them to accomplish the mission.
This is nothing new. We can read in the Old Testament how the collections of money and goods in kind were used to rebuild the ramparts of Jerusalem (Ne 2, 1-20); and in the New Testament we find the collection for the saints in Jerusalem (2 Cor 9, 6 ff), the solidarity with the neighbor to whom Jesus calls (Lk 10, 25-37), or how important it is to serve others before the Last Judgment (Mt 25, 31-43). The paradigm behind this commitment was and still is the vision and dream of the first Christian community: “All believers lived united among themselves and shared all that they had” (Acts 2:44). “

The Jesuits wish to invite all those who wish to participate in the mission of the Company, especially as friends and benefactors. Various forms of contribution are useful: financial support according to your heart and your possibilities, but also ideas, skills, contacts …

Jesuit Chennai Province serves in various fields, namely education, spiritual, socio-cultural and welfare activities. You can donate us to reach the unreached, in particular, marginalized sections of people (Dalits, Migrants, Tribals, refugees and women). They are looking forward to your helping hand to lift their life from poverty, inadequate education, unemployment and discrimination. The interested persons can take part in all our activities to bring holistic changes that lay a secured future ahead for them.

Your generous support will help to transform an individual life through education, spiritual formation, and welfare activities, access to entitlements and relief measures during calamities, pandemic which perhaps aims the entire generation to get transformed.
You could support us in following ways

• Sponsor for one or more students education and see the joy of transforming lives
• Donate nominal amount every year for our welfare programmes in the Social Action Centres
• Please provide the following information, one of our volunteers will call and complete the donation procedure