JMAADD Jesuit Ministry to Alcohol and Drug Dependents Kuppayanallur (2011)


JMAADD, Good Samaritan Home
Ongur, Uthiramerur PO
Kanchipuram Dt – 603 406
+91 9443569511


Envisioning from the culture of addiction towards a culture of sobriety


• Educating rural Dalits on Disease Concept of Alcoholism and Addiction and to avail treatment
• Conscientizing the families of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts on Co-dependency Traits
• Providing psycho-social support for their Children towards a bright future, free of addiction

Option Groups

Rural Alcoholics / Drug Dependents and their Families


• One-Month In-Patient Treatment Programme
• Psycho-Supportive Therapy
• Follow up Programmes for Relapse Prevention of Recovering Addicts
• Organising Group Meetings for AA, Alanon & Alateen
• Weekly recovery support meeting
• Awareness Programme to Children and Youth
• Psychological Education to all the Family Members of Addicts